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Our professional cabinet painting services can’t be beat!

Cabinet Painting in Cary, NC
The cabinets in your home serve an important purpose: providing plenty of storage for items that you want to keep within easy reach but don’t necessarily want to have out on the countertops. Cabinetry is often found in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, although mudrooms and craft rooms can also contain cabinets for added storage. In the past, stained wood cabinetry was the most popular option among homeowners, but in the last few years, people have been more drawn to painted cabinet options. If you have wood cabinetry that doesn’t provide the look and feel you want for your space, you may be considering an upgrade. Replacing the cabinets is one option, although it’s an expensive way to go. The cabinetry is one of the biggest investments in any room, especially when you choose custom cabinets.

Instead of spending a fortune, why not consider cabinet painting? By painting your cabinets, you can get the exact shade you want without having to sift through hundreds of options. Cabinet painting is a cost-effective option that will completely transform the feel of your space, especially if you’re going from dark to light or light to dark. At Prep-Rite Painting, we offer professional cabinet painting services. Many homeowners attempt this task themselves, but they soon realize that the process is more difficult than expected. Most cabinets require multiple coats of paint, and you must prep the area properly to avoid damaging the countertops and walls.

When we take on a cabinet painting job at your Cary, North Carolina home, we’ll keep you involved throughout the process to ensure complete satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about this budget-friendly option.

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