Kitchen Painting, Raleigh, NC

Kitchen painting and our other services can transform your Raleigh kitchen into a place your family will love to congregate.

Kitchen Painting in Raleigh, North Carolina
There is a growing trend bringing families back to the kitchen for meal preparation instead of eating so many restaurant meals. If that sounds like your family, you may be looking around your Raleigh, North Carolina kitchen with thoughts about how to make it more inviting and enjoyable. Kitchen painting can be an affordable way to spruce it up and breathe new life into it. Our professionals at Prep-Rite Painting can do a number of things to transform your kitchen, all more affordable than ripping it all out and starting over.

  • Cabinet Painting – The trend in kitchens is to go lighter and brighter. By taking your existing dark or medium wood cabinets and painting them ivory, white or another light color, your kitchen will look completely different.
  • Ceiling – If you have one of those outdated texture ceilings, we can remove it. We are very careful to keep the dusty debris from this process from entering your HVAC system and being transferred throughout your home.
  • Wallpaper Removal – An old style of wallpaper can really make your kitchen look dated. We can remove it for you and then do kitchen painting to give your kitchen a more modern appearance.
  • Drywall Repair – It isn’t uncommon to end up with drywall dings, particularly with eat-in kitchens, as the chairs get pushed into the walls from time to time. We can restore the drywall and then continue with kitchen painting.
  • Wall Color Change – Just a different color on the walls can make a huge difference. There are many unique colors available and paints that are designed to hold up well in kitchen conditions.

Contact us today to learn more about our kitchen painting and other services that can make your kitchen a place that your family will love to congregate and prepare meals together, and you’ll also enjoy entertaining friends.