3 Carpentry Additions Any Home Could Use

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With so much mass-produced furniture, it can be nice to realize that there are still carpentry experts out there with the skills to create beautiful and durable pieces of furniture. If you would like to add a little beauty and individuality to your stock-furniture home, then a carpentry addition might be just the thing that you need to set it apart from the others in the neighborhood. Here at Prep-Rite Painting, we have skilled carpentry experts that create beautiful works, and we have a few suggestions that any home could use, including:

we have skilled carpentry experts that create beautiful works

  • Built-in pieces- Something that most homes lack is storage, and a built-in piece solves that issue while also adding a beautiful piece of furniture. Whether you are looking for a built-in dinette where you can store items in the bench or an entertainment center for your collection of movies and books, built-in pieces done by a carpenter are attractive and useful additions.
  • Crown molding- Crown molding is something that many people want, but many do not have the time, skills or desire to install! Crown molding can be incredibly difficult, and it takes a good carpenter to get it looking right. Carpentry experts like ours can do your entire home or just a few rooms where you want an attractive feature.
  • Closet organization- Raise your hand if you are stuck with builder-grade, wire closet organizers. Now, instead of those unattractive shelves, imagine your closet with carpentry shelving and organized clothing. Better, right?

If you are looking for more storage, more attractive organization features or other features that carpentry skills add to a home, contact us here at Prep-Rite Painting.