Common Interior Painting Mistakes

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Just about everyone has at one time or another, tackled an interior painting project on their own, usually with mixed results. It is one of those irksome and painful experiences that is easy to forget, leading you to attempt it over again expecting it to be a different, more pleasant task than last time. To help you decide if you’ll give it one more go or hire a professional instead, here are the most common interior painting mistakes you should consider.

  • Mistake #1 – Not properly preparing the surface. Any number of things can give you less-than-professional results. If you paint on a soiled surface, don’t repair holes or damage, or don’t remove peeling or flaking paint, your results won’t appeal to you. If you have a glossy surface, you should scrape it and then remove the dust prior to continuing. Additional preparations include using tape around windows, door frames, and other areas you don’t want paint on.

Interior Painting

  • Mistake #2 – Overestimating the cost savings of doing it yourself. It can be easy to misjudge how much paint is needed as well as how fast the expenses for supplies can add up.
  • Mistake #3 – Not using primer when appropriate. There are many reasons why using a primer is a smart idea and others that make it a vital step that shouldn’t be skipped. For example, if you are changing the color to something lighter or if the wall is stained, a primer will improve the finished result.
  • Mistake #4 – Painting the ceiling last. If you plan to paint the ceiling, be sure to do it first as it is rare not to experience at least some drips on the walls.
  • Mistake #5 – Letting the kids help. While you probably don’t plan to have them help, the curiosity of children could mean a real mess when your back is turned.

If you are concerned that taking on interior painting yourself won’t yield you the results you desire or that the process will be far from pleasant, give us a call at Prep-Rite Painting. You’ll find our prices are competitive and the work will be done with meticulous care that is covered by our two-year warranty.