What Is Concrete Staining and Why Is It a Great Choice?

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Concrete staining is quickly becoming a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties. Unlike paint which sits on the surface of the floor, concrete stains absorb into your concrete to give you a unique and fade-resistant floor. Here are a few features that make concrete staining a great flooring choice.

What Is Concrete Staining and Why Is It a Great Choice?
  • Easy to Maintain. After the stain is applied, your floor will be sealed. This adds a layer of protection to your concrete. Moisture is often a concern for many flooring finishes, but stained concrete is not affected by water. You can dust or wet mop the floor as needed.
  • Durability. As the stain penetrates your concrete floor, it becomes a permanent part of your concrete surface. This means that the color of your floors will not chip or peel away.  The stain will not fade in the sunlight or become discolored.  Your floors will look beautiful and stay that way.
  • Unique Appearance. No two stained concrete floors look the same. The age and composition of your cement, along with the application techniques used, will create a distinctive look. The variety of possibilities for your floor makes concrete staining an excellent choice for your home or business.
  • Low Cost. Concrete staining is a cost-effective option for finishing your floors. It requires little to no maintenance, and because of its durability, you will not have to worry about future repairs.

Concrete staining can seem like a simple task, but it is very difficult to get a perfect finish. Most mistakes made when staining your concrete will be permanent. This is why It is best to have staining completed by an experienced professional. When you are ready to update your floors, contact us at Prep-Rite Painting.  We have the product knowledge, specific tools, and understanding of critical prep work needed to provide you a beautiful, finished floor.