What to Expect from Our Carpentry Repairs

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As your house begins to age, you might notice some damage to the woodwork throughout your home, whether it be creaky floors, damaged cabinets, squeaky doors, or otherwise. No matter the issue you have with the woodwork in your home, you can count on us at Prep-Rite Painting for our carpentry repairs.

What to Expect from Our Carpentry Repairs

Here is what you can expect from our services:

  • Careful inspection: Carpentry repairs are more than simply making a problem with the woodwork appear fixed from the surface. When we come to repair your woodwork, we will perform a careful inspection to identify the root cause of the issue, so we can provide the most effective repairs. The base issue could be something as simple as a loose screw, but it could also be more extensive, like pest infestations or moisture damage deteriorating the wood instead. No matter the issue, we will be able to resolve it.
  • Professional tools and craftsmanship: Once we have identified the issue, we will provide the necessary carpentry repairs using our extensive toolkit and impressive craftsmanship. That way, we can have your woodwork looking and functioning even better than before in no time.
  • New layer of paint: If your woodwork needs a final improvement once we have completed our carpentry repairs, we can add a new layer of paint as well to finalize the renewal of the woodwork in your home. We will maintain the same level of standards in our painting as in our repairs, so you can be sure the results will be exceptional.

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