2017 Paint Color Trends

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2017 Paint Color Trends

Each year experts in the paint industry share their thoughts and predictions about the paint colors and palettes that will be on trend in the upcoming year. What colors are expected to be popular as home interior paint colors in 2017?  

Sherwin-Williams “Poised Taupe”

Sherwin-Williams recently released their pick for 2017 “Color the Year” — Poised Taupe. Their color director described this color as, “Like gray and brown had a baby.” This versatile color brings together both cool and warm tones to create a beautiful neutral paint color for your home’s interior. This color works well in all areas of your home when paired with the right accent colors!

Behr “Wanderlust”

This deep, robust teal is a part of Behr’s 2017 “Composed Palette”, a mix of earth tones and jewel tones. This dark color is easily complemented by other colors and acts as a subtle backdrop for furniture and decor.

Pantone Palettes

Although Pantone hasn’t officially released their pick for the 2017 Color of the Year, they did unveil the names and descriptions of the palettes they predict to be popular in the new year. Our favorites include Florabundant, which (as the name suggests) is filled with rich floral hues as well as Native Instincts, a palette full of bold reds and purples.

Color Psychology

Colors can have a powerful impact on our emotions and our moods, so it is important to consider the feelings that accompany various colors as you decide which color you’ll choose for your home in 2017. Blues and greens are considered “cool” colors. Blue is a relaxing color that has a calming effect and is recommended for use in bedrooms. Green is a restful color that is suited for any room in your home. Reds, yellows, and oranges are “warm” colors. Red is an energetic color and is best suited for living and dining rooms. Yellow is a cheery color that evokes happiness and joy, but is not recommended as a main color scheme. Large amounts of yellow have the ability to create feelings of anger and frustration.

Which of these colors or palettes is your favorite? No matter which color you choose for your home in 2017, our team at Prep-Rite Painting is here to help.

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