Deck Staining: A Job to Leave to Professionals

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There are many DIY jobs out there that are great for new homeowners and even more experienced DIYers. Many people can work on installing closet organizers or painting a room without too much worry if they have enough time to work slowly and get the details right before they start. Deck staining, however, is probably a job that you should leave to the professionals! Why should deck staining be left to professionals? Let’s take a look.

deck staining done by professionals

First, deck staining is messy and time consuming. Deck staining requires stain which, as the name so clearly implies, will stain. And it won’t just stain your deck — it’ll stain your siding, the cement under your deck, your clothes, your dog — anything and everything that touches the deck stain will be stained. Professionals know how to cover every single little thing that might get stained in order to prevent these issues. They also know how to apply the stain to minimize risk of transfer as well.

Second, part of deck staining success is in the preparation of your deck. When you need to stain your deck, you need to first remove it of the remaining stain and make sure that your deck is cleaner than clean. It needs to be clean, dry and ready to receive stain in order to get the best results, which can be hard when you are doing the work yourself.

Finally, deck staining done by professionals means that you’ll save time and not be forced into buying tools you aren’t going to use regularly. Additionally, you’ll get professional-looking results that often are accompanied with a warranty!

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