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If you have a new deck or one that needs the deck staining renewed, you likely have several questions about the process and what to expect. This is true whether you’ll be doing the work yourself or if you’ll be hiring a professional. Here are the most frequently asked questions that can help you get through the process to a successful result.

Deck Staining

How long after having a wood deck installed should I wait to do deck staining?

There isn’t a clear answer on this because several things affect the answer. The type of wood, air temperature, weather, and more all impact the amount of time you should wait. For example, if your deck was constructed with wet treated wood rather than kiln-dried lumber, it can take several months to completely dry out and be ready for deck staining.

How long after rain or pressure washing should I wait?

This will depend on the drying conditions, but it is generally safe to apply deck staining one day after provided the deck has completely dried. It is safer to wait 48 hours if possible so that the stain will adhere properly. You should also watch weather reports and time your deck staining so that the stain can completely dry before rain will arrive.

How long does deck staining last?

A quality deck staining product should give you three to four years of service provided the prep work has been done correctly and the stain properly adhered. If in doubt, ask a professional whether your deck staining is properly protecting your deck or not.

When can I put my deck furniture out after deck staining?

Once the stain has dried, it is safe to walk on your deck and put the furniture back in place. Generally, this will be about two to four hours later in good drying conditions. Some products may need more time, so you should always follow the instructions on the product or go by the advice of the professional.

If you have more questions about deck staining or would like to get a quote, give us a call at Prep-Rite Painting. We’ll take meticulous care with your project to give you the best possible results.