Tips for Hosting Awesome Outdoor Parties

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Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to party! Are you hosting a graduation party, a baby shower, or just a fun barbecue with friends? Take a look at these helpful tips for hosting an awesome outdoor party!

Keep it Casual

A good outdoor party doesn’t demand anything elaborate. Save yourself time and stress by keeping your outdoor gathering casual. You can use disposable silverware, plates, and cups to save time cleaning after the party. Keep food simple. Serve things that are quick and easy, or have guests each bring a dish to share. Set up yard games to keep kids (and adults) entertained throughout the party.

Prep the Property

One of the keys to a successful outdoor party is offering plenty of space to accommodate family and friends. Do you have a deck or patio? Chances are your outdoor space is looking a little worse for wear after the winter months. Quickly evaluate the status of your space and if time allows, make a plan to complete some home upgrades. Spring is the perfect time to complete exterior upgrades since you’ll be spending the next few months enjoying your outdoor spaces. Check your exterior paint for chips and cracks. Evaluate the state of the wood on your deck and fence. Are they party ready? If not, don’t worry! Prep-Rite Painting can help. Give us a call to get your free estimate today.

Prevent Pests

There’s nothing like guests showing up to a party uninvited — especially when those guests are pests! Mosquitoes are a popular summer pest here in North Carolina. Give these tricks a try to prevent mosquitoes from preying on your party guests:

Plug In Fans: Fortunately, mosquitoes are weak flyers. Set a few fans around the areas your guests will be spending their time, like the deck or patio. Even a fan set on a low speed can help keep mosquitoes at bay.

Provide a Bug Repellent: You can prevent mosquitoes from attacking your guests by using a mosquito repellent. There are a variety of repellent products you can use, including trendy citronella torches, bug spray, and citronella candles.

Rid Your Yard of Standing Water: Mosquitoes breed in standing water, so before you have friends and family over be sure to rid your outdoor space of standing water. Check your rain gutters, flower pots, and other areas that gather water.

Are you ready to host an awesome outdoor party this spring or summer?

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