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When most people consider home renovations, they look to big ticket improvements that will add value to their home. However, sometimes less costly investments can provide more of a transformation than you might think. Interior painting is one of those options. Even when hiring a professional to take care of it for you, it is an affordable improvement that gives quite a bit of bang for the buck. Here are a few unique interior painting ideas you might not have thought about:

  • Kitchen Cabinet Paint –You aren’t in love with your kitchen, but your budget can’t quite manage new cabinetry. The solution is painting your old cabinetry to give it a different look that is more in line with current trends or your personal preference. For example, take dark wood cabinets to a light color to make your kitchen appear larger and more welcoming.

Interior Painting

  • Kids’ Rooms – Is your teenager still in the room you originally decorated when they were a baby? That cute pink, purple, blue or other pastel color may not be as exciting to them as you think. Have they been bugging you to go with black or some other color you think is crazy? Remember, it is only paint! Go ahead and let them have fun with it. You can always change it after they leave the nest. And here’s another tip – black can make an interesting focal wall in other rooms, too!
  • Trim – The trim work in many homes is white, but it doesn’t have to be that way. While white matches anything and won’t clash with your furniture and wall color, you could jazz it up a bit with other neutral options, or – dare we repeat this – black! Yes, black! It is a popular trend to have black trim with light colored walls. It might surprise you how amazing this can look. Not ready for black? Brown, green, blue, and other darker colors with light walls can look great, too.
  • Rentals – Are you a renter? If so, you are surrounded with white or other neutral colors. If that isn’t the look you’d prefer, ask the property owner if you can change it. Many will agree with the stipulation that you repaint before you vacate if they don’t like the color.

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