What You Should Know about Concrete Staining

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If you want to improve the look of your concrete patio, walkways, pool deck or garage floor, you may have considered options such as pavers and stone only to cast them aside because of the cost. The good news is that with concrete staining, you can improve the appearance at a more affordable price. There are a variety of concrete staining and coating options to choose from. Each has its own advantages relative to the location of the floor, how it is used, and what your expectations and goals are.

Concrete Staining

The key to getting the best results with concrete staining is properly preparing the surface to make the pores open and stain-ready. This might involve pressure washing, etching, scraping or grinding depending on the condition of the concrete. A second visit is needed so that the concrete can dry after prep work has been completed. If it is new concrete, a minimum of 30 days is needed before proceeding with concrete staining for the concrete to cure.

If you would like to know more details about concrete staining, give us a call at Prep-Rite Painting to schedule an appointment to assess your concrete surface and provide a free estimate. We will discuss what can and cannot be accomplished with concrete staining, so you will know what to expect. For example, concrete staining will not cover cracks or chips, and some existing discolorations might still be visible as the area can take on the stain differently.